Academic Writings

As an English/Language Arts specialist, I feel most comfortable analyzing and writing about literature, viewing each work as part of a larger tapestry we call the human experience. My focus usually consists of Classical, Medieval-British , and American Ethnic literature, using my background as a former pastor to highlight religious literary aspects others may overlook or find inconsequential.

My goal is to contribute to an ongoing conversation concerning cultural, religious, and societal aspects of influential works so that humanity can benefit from the experience and perspectives of our predecessors. I believe that it is hard to identify where we need to grow (intellectually, spiritually, culturally) if we don’t have an understanding of the past. Authors from all walks of life have given us an abundance of knowledge in the forms of their written works and it is our job to decipher the hidden messages, heed explicit warnings, and mold our future with the help of these great works.